Excellence 2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg Ranking TOP9

2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg
2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg


Product description


Product Features:

1. This No heat curl hair headband will give you a new way of curling your beautiful hair. It will give you a beautiful curls without putting heat in your hair.

2. Before going to bed, use the pin-tail comb to separate a small strand of slightly hair, wrap it on the rods, then use the rubber band to fix it, no need heating. You will get beautiful curls at the next morning and won't feel discomfort while sleeping.

3. Hair curler headband is convenient to use at home or carry when you go out. Suitable for dry or wet hair. Give you a beautiful natural curly hairstyle and will save more time and energy.

4. This hair wave former rods can be used without any electric, heat required, you can DIY your hair style easily, no any damage to your hair.

5. The comfortable and creative hair curling rods is also a perfect gift, suitable for relatives, friends, colleagues, so that they can also have beautiful curly hair.


Material: rubber + silk ribbon + plastic

Quantity: 2 pack

Color: leopard and heart

Size: The length of hair curler is 95cm / 37.4inch, the diameter of hair curler is 2cm/0.79inch

Package Included:

1 Pack Leopard Hair Curlers Set with User's Manual

1 Pack Heart Hair Curlers Set with User's Manual

How to Use?

Step 1. Put the curling rod over your head like a headband, you can clip it at the top or secure one side with a scrunchy like a ponytail.

Step 2. Then wind dry or slightly damp hair around the other side of the curling ribbon and secure with a scrunchy on the bottom. Make sure to wind tightly and start near the top of your head.

Step 3. Can leave in for an hour or two in the daytime with slightly damp hair or overnight with slightly damp or dry hair.

Excellence 2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg Ranking TOP9

Excellence 2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg Ranking TOP9 Gauge: Medium (5-string) Hand-made with black polymer coat Signature crisp tone, clarity, and volume of dr's traditional handmade strings Super-thin coating on the plain strings and on the wrap wire Extended string life The wrap wire is coated before the string is wound This coating includes a corrosion inhibiting lacquer for extra protection against damaging substances such as perspiration, dirt Product description Style:Strings Product Description Since 1989, dry has been committed to crafting hand made, superb-quality instrument strings. By blending the best of old-fashioned handmade craftsmanship With cutting edge materials or string coatings, dry continues to push the boundaries of the string-making process. That commitment to quality is what has brought countless top-flight bassists and guitarists to string-up with DRs - from u2's Adam Clayton to phish's Trey Anastasia and everywhere outside and in between. For reliable tone - acoustic or electric - you can rely on the handcrafted strings from dry with the dry Extra-Life black beauties bass strings, you'll snag the signature crisp tone, clarity, and volume of dr's traditional handmade strings. Yet, you'll get the added bonus of dr's super-thin coating on the plain strings and on the wrap wire, which extends the life of your favorite strings. And, just as the name suggests, dr's Extra-Life black beauties sport a stealth-style black coating. From the Manufacturer BLACK BEAUTIES™ Black Colored Bass Strings aren’t just about the sleek and sophisticated look. They feature a round core wire and a stainless-steel wrap wire to maintain brightness and feel. All strings in the set are coated with a jet-black version of DR’s K3™ ultra-hard coating, delivering longevity, more projection, fewer unwanted overtones, and outstanding clarity and articulation. if you have a question, a problem or a query with anything you've bought from us then we want to hear it. These look great, and as long as you follow correct string installation process you shouldn't encounter any dead strings. I was pretty worried after reading the reviews so found some online videos that demo the procedure to cut properly. There are also instructions on the inside of the package explaining how and why you need to bend the string prior to cutting. They also had plenty of length on all 5 strings, so that alleviated the concern I had with the review with the short B string.Some things I noticed on initial setup/playing... I did notice, similar to other reviews, that they are a little tacky feeling at first and you do get some what of a rope burn sensation when sliding around too much/too fast. You could probably use some string lubricant to cut down on both of those. However, one thing I haven't noticed is the typical finger soreness that brand new strings sometimes cause. It could be because I've been playing quite a bit more lately or that I the gauge of string is a little lighter than I've used. Overall, I'm very happy with the way they look and they sound great as well. As long as they last a decent period of time I'm planning on getting some more of these down the road.I used to play on flatwounds, but a change in music genre required me to add some high frequencies to my tone. I started with tapewounds, then moved to these (actually to DR Neon, which are the same only more fabulous).My first two sets gave me no issues for about half a year each - after that the coating started to peel off. This had no notable effect on tone, but I feared uneven string coating may put unnecessary strain on the frets.As for tone, it is significantly more mellow than roundwounds. People who are used to Elixir or other "invisible" coatings complain about this. I think this sound is part of what these strings are. Rounds without the edge. There is still enough meat in the hu mids for a proper growl.I bought these strings when I switched from Polyweb Elixir strings that came on my stock Ibanez SR605, and I had changed them to put on Elixir’s because I had no complaints with the sound. When I switched to these, mostly for looks (don’t do that!) I was very surprised with the sound they put out! It didn’t have as much of a coated, muted, sound that the Elixirs had. Keep in mind, they need a couple weeks to break in but after that they sound amazing! I haven’t had any issues with coating flaking off in the 3 years I’ve used 3 sets of strings, along with no signs of wear, breaking, or excessive stretching. They stay in tune well as well, and the black looks amazing with my black hardware. The price is great as well, half the price of Elixir’s.The strings carry a full tone while not being quite as bright as your standard round-wounds you get from other manufacturers. They are definitely not dull but they do take that "metallic twang/edge" off of the sound that many other strings have when they are brand new.They last quite a while and the coating does make them smoother than many other strings.Great strings! I'm on my 6th set if that says much... I'm playing a Warwick Thumb 5 string bass and they have a great look on it. The sound is amazing too but part of that is the bass. Warwicks are known for their sound... Anyway, I like the coated strings of DR by far more than any other that I've tried and these BBs sound fantastic on my bass! My only complaints and the reason for the 4 star rating is that on 2 of the 6 sets I've baught I've got a bad/dead string in the pack... One was the "G" string and the other was on the "A" string in 2 different sets. They were dead sounding new out of the package. I don't know whether or not it was my fault the string was dead from me cutting and winding the string on the tuning post but finding a single string to replace a bad one in the BBs has been difficult! My local music stores don't have singles in BBs and I haven't been able to find BB singles yet. The end result is needing to buy either another set of standard DR strings or another set of BB's to make up for the dead or faulty string (or just deal with it til it's time to replace them all). Whether or not it is my fault it's dead, I don't know but it's likely? I think that one reason might be the fact that the BB's have a solid core and the coating is on the wire that is then wrapped arround the core of the string. The result of this manufacturing process is that you have a "coated" string that feels and acts like a standard string... But, I think that occasionally the coated wrap will seporate from the core much easier resulting in a dead string if you're not carefull. Through trial and error (and a "tip" for others to try and use with the BBs), I have found that if you're extra carefull and make sure that you bend the string more than a 45 degree angle before you cut it to fit in the winding post, the chance of having the core seporate from the coated wrap is much less. And, keep in mind that because these strings are black, they are hard to see onstage in the dark while performing... Just means you gotta know where your fingers are or watch the inlays on your bass ;) But the BBs look cool and they sound and feel great! Personally, I can't tell the sound difference between these coated strings and a standard set but the feel is a little different. It's wierd, they are the same as standard string sets and yet different at the same time, feeling wise... I can't explain in words the feeling difference but I've found that most standard string sets can sometimes "eat" the calluses off my fingers where the BB's don't, or haven't yet anyway. This is a good thing for agressive finger style bass players like me! Over all, I would recomend them... If anything just to try... They do last longer! How much longer though, I don't know... Depends on how much you play, your tuning, how your instrument is set up, what kind of instrument you play and how clean you keep your hands. I have had my current set on for several months and they still sound like new. Personally, I'll continue to use them because I like them so much, I just wish that I could find single strings in the BBs other than buying a whole new set. I'm patiently waiting for DR to come out with a tapered set of BBs as the tapered sets fit better in the bridge of my Warwick Thumb. That's my experience with the BBs, give them a shot, chances are you'll be as happy as I am with them.These strings are great, the coating makes them softer on the fingers and they are much cheaper here than at my local music store. The black looks so good on all my instruments. I will be buying many more of these. They are great with wear and tear, I play mybass every day for hours on end and still look good as new.Love the feel and look of these. However, I'm having some serious issues with the low B. It's all kinds of "floppy." Has me second guessing myself about how tight I made it, so I try to tighten further to a higher B on the tuner, but it gets waaay too tight, so I just don't get it. The B is just floppy. All the other strings work and sound great.These strings are great! They produce a deep rich tone which I was blown away with. I played a little up right bass in college. The tone of these strings kinda produces that up right sound. Bass lines sound like I'm playing an up right bass, it's amazing. If you're looking for a deep rich tone, look no further 2 Packs Heatless Curling Rod Headband, Heatless Hair Curlers Upg Musical Instruments => Instrument Accessories => Guitar Bass Accessories DR Strings Bass Strings, Black Beauties BASS Black Coated Nickel USA Online

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