Discounted Sale Store 14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz Clearance Vintage

14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz
14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz



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Discounted Sale Store 14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz Clearance Vintage

The film is accurate and shows the dynamics of the family, the secrets in the family are front and center, that's what many recoil from in this story. The women who started Mother's Day fought to keep their sons from becoming cannon fodder, now mothers don't tell their sons, "don't go" to a war in a country that isn't attacking us, fathers didn't say "don't go", here's some money to go to Canada.The returning soldier in these types of families after the horrors they saw now have to be confronted with the cowardice of mom, dad and sister. He can't pretend this is the Norman Rockwell family unit anymore. The facade is forever undone. The parents can't face what they did so the son will have to pay. Many families were like this and they will never come to terms with it while their children will never get the healing they might have if truth telling could be done.It is one of the most powerful films that's deals with the essence of why Vietnam tore us apart. There's no justice, there is just us.What we don't remember, we will never forget and we will never be able to talk about it. This film opens a door to the that which we don't want to talk about. It is courageous and it is emotionally devastating to know how many families have never dealt with the fact they simply allowed their children to be carted off as cannon fodder to the hot steaming jungles of Vietnam. Not only allowed but when their children came back, turned on them, ostracized them, kicked them out of the family thus shredding the family finally and forever.Get this film, weep and let it lead to some kind of healing.Emilio Estevez directs and stars in this very powerful, very well acted, intelligent, wrenching movie on family relationships, war and its effect on one's soul and how one survives - or not. Estevez's real-life father Martin Sheen also stars along with Kathy Bates and Kimberly Williams. All give excellent performances but Estevez's haunted portrayal of a returned Vietnam vet stands out. That does not take away from any of the other actors who are outstanding. In my opinion it is a better film about the effects of war on one's psyche than 'Apocalypse Now'. The War At Home is unforgettable.This is one of Emilio's best performances. Working with his Father Martin may have intensified the performance from both. If your looking for action this is not a movie for you. If your looking to explore how America dealt with the return of our soldiers from Vietnam and the expectations placed on them, then this is definitely a movie to watch. As the first generation of men raised to not only recognize their emotions but to express them, the returning soldiers were poorly understood and received little to no support for their emotional crisis. This movie attempts to explore the phenomena of combat PTSD before it even had a name. Excellent movie that doesn't shy away from exploration of a confused and turbulent subject.I watched this film when it first came out and several times over the years. I just shared it with my husband and my daughter - and although he's done so many more that I feel are equally great, this one still holds as Emilio's best. Martin Sheen and Kathy Bates are amazing - but thats to be expected. Kimberly Williams Paisley was good too. I loved seeing Emilio's sister Renee Estevez and his daughter Paloma Estevez. The film took us thru many emtions of all the characters ... this is a must watch. Hugs!This DVD covers many emotions (Albeit sometimes a little dramatic) that the returning Vet feels. It was about Viet-Nam but the current conflicts may well apply as well in that the characters are still very much present. Here is what I am talking about:1. An extremely jingoistic father who ridicules instead of supports.2. A doting mother who thinks if you ignore what happened or kiss the situation to make it better it will all go away and be like it never happened.3. A family member who is close to the same age who sits on the other side of the fence politically (Liberal who hasn't got a clue)4. Those who are in daily contact who also for the most part have their heads up their backsides as far as knowing what is going on.5. The girlfriend who went elsewhere because the guy wasn't there for her good times and who doesn't like how he changed after he returned.6. The Vet who has bottled up his feelings and doesn't know where to turn... He turned to what was his life and found out he definately didn't belong any longer.I think if the Vet was willing to watch with others letting them know how he really felt, and if they were open minded and understanding enough to listen, it would help overall in many respects. The one thing I hated and that finally became a sore spot for me was those well intentioned people who would say something like "I know how you feel" when unless they had experienced it really had no idea. Unless you experienced war up close and personal (and this goes back as far as you want to take it for WWI, WWII. Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq, Afganistan, or any POLICE ACTION), you haven't a clue into what is going on inside the person's head.This is an important movie. A private look into a family dealing with PTSD. Beautifully acted and wonderfully written. An emotional piece. Emilio Estevez gives a great performance.This movie is seriously underrated. Hollywood must have screwed Emilio Estevez on this one (by not promoting the film) because it was dramatic, scary, and told a story of what many soldiers have to face when they come back from war. This war was Vietnam but it's just as applicable to today's dirty wars (all for profit). Highly Recommended film. One of my favorites from Emilio.A must see. Far too often this experience is overlooked. Can apply to any veteran, just hurts to see how our Vietnam Vets were treated. Great to see real life father and son together. War at Home VHS Movies TV => Genre for Featured Categories => Drama Discounted Sale Store 14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz Clearance Vintage Editorial Reviews Very dramatic. Shop Online For Sale 14k Yellow Gold Irish Claddagh Celtic Knot Wedding Ring Band Siz the service arm of our is india's only iso 9001 certified electronics service brand.

Doncic returns as Mavs edge Clippers in OT to end slide

Blazers rout reeling Nuggets for 9th straight home win

Herro, Heat rally from double-digit hole to drop Pistons

Art of the Three: Curry's chase for the NBA 3-point title

Next: Knicks squander big lead, but answer to hold off Lakers

Next: Doncic returns as Mavs edge Clippers in OT to end slide

Next: Blazers rout reeling Nuggets for 9th straight home win

Next: Herro, Heat rally from double-digit hole to drop Pistons

Next: Art of the Three: Curry's chase for the NBA 3-point title




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