Warehouse Sale Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Cheap USA Online Shop

Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle
Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle


Product description

Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle. This beautiful 750ml bottle is ideal for displaying on a home or professional bar. It sleek cylindrical shape looks fantastic and is easily grasped for convenient usage. Cork not included.

Warehouse Sale Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Cheap USA Online Shop

Higher Fiber And More Flower Heads Than Any Other Cutting; Has A Bit More Stem Than 2Nd Cutting, But Still Very Soft And Leafy Delivered Fresh Guarantee - Every Ounce Of The Hay We Sell Is From The Current Crop Year All Hays Are Not Created Equal And Quality Really Matters - We Focus On Is Getting The Best Hay For Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, And Chinchillas 100% Money Back Guarantee - We Are A Small Business That Truly Cares About The Animals And We Pride Ourselves In Doing A Better Job Than The Big Guys Made With Love In The Usa - None Of The Timothy Hay Or The Packaging Is Sourced From China Product description Size:20 Pound (Pack of 1)  |  Color:green First cutting hay is the high fiber stuff. It isn't as fattening as the later cuts, but has more of the flowery heads. It is not quite as soft as the 2Cnd and 3rd cut. It is meant for animals who have chronic GI/digestive tract issues, and require as much fiber as possible. 1St cutting timothy hay - high fiber and great quality! quality characteristics of 1St cutting "high fiber": 1. Higher fiber than any other cutting 2. More flower heads than any other cutting 3. A little more stem than 2Nd cutting, but still very soft and Leafy. Warehouse Sale Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Cheap USA Online Shop our in-store sales team makes sure to understand every customer's personal needs and budgets while assisting them to make the best choice while buying their tech. Pet Supplies => Small Animals => Food Small Pet Select 1st Cutting Timothy hay pet Food Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Here's some info I've picked up on how to buy hay for guinea pigs:1.) Not every strand of hay is created equal, according to the piggos. No matter what hay you buy, your pigs will always leave a large percentage of their hay. It's like they don't think that some of the hay is even food. Expect them to leave around 30-40% of the hay behind. This is true for EVERY hay. At least, that's what I've noticed after a lot of trial and error. I have two pens and the pigs in both pens (who don't observe each other's habits) behave the same way in this regard. Be sure to give fresh hay daily, even if it looks like they have enough. My pigs will act like they're starving to death even if there's clearly hay in the rack or on the floor of the pen.2.) 1st cutting hay has long stalks, those stalks are stiff and very chewy. 1st cutting timothy hay also has really big flowers (their favorite part). Sometimes when I feed them 1st cutting, it looks like they didn't even eat very much of it because the stalks are so long. But if you see that the flowers are getting eaten, that means they're enjoying it. I saw a review of someone complaining that the stalks are too long..as if the seller made the friggin grass grow tall. That same negative review said that the hay cut her piggo's lips. If she was seeing blood around their mouths, that's a sign of scurvy, as the gums become likely to bleed. Every blog and website you look at about guinea pig care will touch on the importance of vitamin C in their diet.3.) On other cuttings: Generally, when you buy hay from the pet shop, you'll be getting second and third cutting hay. These hay is soft and pliable and easy to get into a bag for mass market sales. I still don't know the nutritional benefits of the different cuttings, I just know there's a definite texture difference. Oh and the word "cutting" just indicates the harvest. The first time the grass is cut in the year is the first cutting, the second time the grass is cut is the second cutting, etc... Third cutting is more rare because of the length of the growing season and I've only come across fourth cutting a few times. I'll update this post if I learn more about the nutritional differences.4.) Personally, I've currently chosen first cutting hay because I think that the chewier, the better. But I'll never be apposed to trying different cuts and types. I just want their teeth to get worn down as much as possible.5.) Hay is marked up by hundreds of percents when it's sold for small animals. If you get hay at a farm, it'll be less than ten dollars a bale and the bale will be at least fifty pounds. The hay I bought from this listing is the cheapest Timothy I could find anywhere that wasn't directly from a farm. The quality is exactly what I'd expect if I purchased the hay fresh from a farmer. I'd recommend buying a smaller quantity from this seller to check it out and if you like it, get the largest quantity they offer (50lbs, I think). Your pigs will go through it way faster than you think and you'll be saving HUNDREDS of dollars as compared to getting the small bags from your local retailer.6.) Finally, every time you buy hay, no matter where it's from, check for mold. I mean, get your hands and face in that hay and spend a good few seconds digging around in it. Mold will look like a powdery gray or white, stalks will probably be somewhat stuck together, and it'll smell moldy. If there's every mold on your hay, do not feed it to your guinea pigs! Return the entire purchase, don't give them any from that package. Guinea pigs (like most rodents) lack the ability to throw up, so if you feed them something toxic, they can't expel it and they'll become very sick or die. The 30lbs of hay I bought from this seller are pristine, no mold, and it seemed fresh to me. Actually, I haven't had any mold issues since I've had my piggos but years of experience with horses have me suspicious of all hay.Hope you found this helpful! This is good hay, I think you'll be happy with it. This 1st Cutting of Timothy Hay, has such LARGE STEMS in it that it cut up my 2 1/3lb and 2 1/2lb guinea pigs upper lips when they tried to eat it, and root out the few leaves and flowers in the mix.This product is listed for sale for and "Selected" for "Small Pets" when it should be marketed towards larger pets with many of the stems measuring 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch wide! In the two years I have had my guinea pigs, I have never had a hay, cut up one of their little mouths :-(The sample bag of the Small Pet Select 2nd Cutting Timothy Hay, that I also ordered has hay and stem sizes more appropriate for smaller pets and my guinea pigs did enjoy it.I have included pictures I had taken of my guinea pigs injures, from eating the (First) 1st Cutting of Timothy Hay, and a picture of Small Pet Selects 1st Cutting of Timothy Hay, with a quarter, dime and ruler to show you how large the stems/hay is, compared to the smaller and guinea pig approved, 2nd Cutting of Timothy Hay. The last picture of one of my guinea pigs in a hay filled pen, it what happened to all of the (First) 1st Cutting of Timothy Hay, when they could not eat it.I contacted Amazon Customer Service, and I was told I could NOT return the 20lb of (First) 1st Cutting Timothy Hay, so I have contacted Small Pet Select by email, to find out if they will stand by their 100% money back guarantee, or send me a replacement 20lb box of the (Second) 2nd Cutting of Timothy Hay that my guinea pigs could safely eat, and did enjoy. This is our second order. The first one was excellent, crisp mostly green though dry with flower heads which our rabbit logged and couldn't get enough of. There was very little waste of "crumbs"Well, this second order.... What can I say. To put it nicely, 50+% of it will have to be put in the thrash ????.A large portion of the grass/hay was soft and not crisp like first cut is. There were lots of chewy hay the rabbit wouldn't eat. There was a surprising amount of dry grass, not the golden hay, but brown dead grass which cannot be given to her. Also the volume of crumbly dusty bits and pieces like the stuff you see when you mow the lawn was really large; rabbit don't eat it. The box had 1st cut written on it with black market.Given you claim to be small boutique operation doing premium small batches, we didn't expect this. Also, given it can't be too far back (at the most a few months) that first cut would have been harvested, there is no excuse for the poor qualify you send to us.Very very disappointed.The photo shows just what is at the bottom of the box, we threw our a similar quantity.Terrible. Terrible let down Sale Special Price

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Next: Doncic returns as Mavs edge Clippers in OT to end slide

Next: Blazers rout reeling Nuggets for 9th straight home win

Next: Herro, Heat rally from double-digit hole to drop Pistons

Next: Art of the Three: Curry's chase for the NBA 3-point title



Warehouse Sale Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Cheap USA Online Shop

This fits your . Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Material: Acrylic Color: As the pictures shown Application: Finger Gender: Women, Bride, Girls Quantity: 24pcs/Box+2g Glue Product description Features:1. Fashion Trend Design, pure color pattern, let you be full of youth and charm2. Easy to use, perfect decoration and long lasting make you nails look much more glamorous and beautiful3.Design your own nails for wedding, party or weekend dating, perfect choice for your nail fashion4. environmental protection, do not hurt the hand5. A wonderful gift for yourself or your female friend6.Safety on your natural nails, environmental protection, do not hurt the hand. False nail trips without the dangerous chemical process7. Perfect for weddings, dances, dating, they are also suitable for Halloween, Valentine's Day and other festivals.8. Full nail design, practical length, makes your nails slim and has a very realistic or at least professional look9. They look very natural and nice holding the color without separating or streaking, making your hand magical and stylish10. Suitable for Any skin11. Beautiful, simple, atmosphere, suitable for all kinds of occupations Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Online Sale Clearance DANSHILONG Nail-Design Fake Nails with Glue for Women Shiny Blac Warehouse Sale Oslo Flint Bar Top Spirit Bottles - Single Bottle Cheap USA Online Shop Beauty Personal Care => Foot, Hand Nail Care => Nail Care our ever-expanding product range includes the latest releases from global brands in:personal devices: mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.entertainment systems: tvs, sound systems, home assistants & home theatres home appliances: acs, refrigerators, washing machines, cooktops, dishwashers etc.cameras and accessories: dslr cameras and accessories - all at affordable prices


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